NV-4500 Transmission Upgrades

In addition to completely rebuilding each NV-4500 with new parts and  thoroughly inspecting each integral part, High Gear Transmission, also installs two vital upgrades to increase the strength and longevity of the unit.

High Gear NV-4500 Main Shaft Upgrade:

High Gear Transmission implements an entirely new main shaft which has splines

that go all the way through 5th gear.  The Original Main Shaft splines only go 1/3
of the way through 5th gear.

High Gear NV-4500 5th Gear Upgrade:

High Gear Transmission also upgrades fifth gear in the New Venture 4500 (NV4500) to insure optimal performance of the

unit.  We use an upgraded lock nut to keep 5th gear from backing off.  There are a couple of other upgrades and this makes
fifth gear as good as it gets. Just Call Us | 800.323.6211