NV-4500 Transmission Upgrades

In addition to completely rebuilding each nv-4500 with lots of new parts, high gear transmission also has several options to increase the strength and life of the unit.
Option #1) High Gear NV-4500 Input Shaft Upgrade:

High Gear Transmission uses an input shaft upgrade for the NV-4500. The HD Input will also be a great addition to your unit! This 1-3/8 inch input is much more beefy in comparison to the OE 1-1/4 inch input. This kit will include a input, bearing retainer, pocket bearing, and seal. For This Option, Cost Is $300

Option #2) High Gear NV-4500 Main Shaft Upgrade:

High Gear Transmission installs an entirely new main shaft which has splines that go all the way through 5th gear. The Original Main Shaft splines only go 1/3 of the way through 5th gear. This Was A Design Flaw In The Original Unit. If You Buy A Unit Without This Upgrade, You Are Wasting Your Money. This Upgrade Is Done To Every Dodge Diesel Unit We Produce At No Additional Cost To You.

Option #3) High Gear NV-4500 5th Gear Upgrade:

High Gear Transmission also upgrades fifth gear in the New Venture 4500 (NV4500) to insure best performance of the unit. We use an upgraded lock nut to keep 5th gear from backing off. There are a couple of other upgrades and this makes fifth gear as good as it gets. This Upgrade Is A Must, And We Do It At No Added Charge To You.

Option #4) The cast iron tail for the dodge NV4500 is a great addition to your purchase.

The cast iron tail is much stronger then the OE Aluminium tail that came with the unit. For This Option, Cost Is $250

Option #5) Cryo Treatment Of All Gears Is Now Available For All Nv4500 Units.

Our experts say The Cryo process will increase the strength of the steel by 30% inside of your unit! The greatest benefit of the cryogenic treatment is torque capacity. It can raise torque capacity any where from 350 lbs-500 lbs! Cryo treating will increase the durability and longevity of your units life span significantly. Available for an additional $999.99

Option #6) Powder Coating.

Powder coating is available for your unit. It will make your transmission look like a piece of candy. Add $495 for this process. 901-278-0090